Threepwood Stormwater Improvements


Category: Drainage

Civil Construction took on the upgrade of the existing Stormwater system at Threepwood Farm.

This entailed drainage works, involving the supply & install of 7 x 1500mm Manholes ranging from 1.5-2.5m deep to 2.5-4.5m deep & the install of 323m of 750mm RRJ Class 2 concrete pipe.

The earthworks involved reforming & relining the existing swale & supply & install of a precast & cast in-situ dissipation unit.

Our challenges were keeping the existing landowners informed & happy which involved daily communication to ensure their access roads to their houses remained open & accessible.

Silt & sediment control with careful monitoring of the weather & placement of cut off drains to prevent water running into existing properties.

Working around exisiting services, when services popped up that the team were unaware of, we worked as a group to come up with a credible solution which kept the project on schedule.

Great project done & dusted.

Location: Marshall Ave, Lake Hayes

Client: QLDC

Category: Drainage

Contract Values: $0.55M

Timeframe: April-September 2018


Services provided

  • Drainage