Shotover Country Subdivision - Bulk Earthworks


Category: Earthworks

This was a big job! Construct earthworks required for construction of the residential subdivision within the Shotover Country area, Stalker Rd.

Works include locating all underground services, stripping of topsoil to the stockpile including respread & carting waste. Extracting 613,000m3 Shotover river gravel to certified residential earth fill specifications.

We also made sure the public were safe, with a public walking track crossing through the extraction site by creating our own system to ensure the public's safety was a priority.

The project was finished ontime.



 Location: Shotover Country, Queenstown

Client: Shotover Country Ltd

Category: Earthworks

Contract Values: $5.4 Million over 3 stages

Timeframe: Sept 2014 - Jan 2018

Services provided

  • Earthworks

I have worked with Civil Construction on numerous and varied projects all of which have been a success. Their professional approach to managing contract works enables projects to run smoothly. As a result I would be please to recommend them to others and look forward to working with them in the future. 

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen

Director, Clark Fortune McDonald & Associates