Northlake Subdivision

Category: Civil Works

Construction of a residential subdivision. 

Civil Construction was engaged to complete the initial stage of the Northlake subdivision in 2013, which consisted of 64 one acre lots.

We subsequently returned in 2016 and have completed Stages 2-9 and are now currently working on Stages 10, 12 and 15.

Construction over the past 9 stages has seen the following: 

  • Earthworks: 
    • Bulk Earthworks of all Stages to Subgrade levels -185,000 m3 cut to certified fill, 22,000m3 cut to waste, 65,000m3 topsoil stripped and respreads including 180,000m2 of lots and reserves drilled with seed.
    • Multiple sediment detention ponds  with flocculation were also constructed and maintained to manage the large site catchment and loess material highly suspectable to scouring
  • Drainage Work
    • Over the past 9 stages, 7,905 m of various stormwater reticulation, ranging in size from 1050mm – 100mm including large box culvert, 7,581 m of various foul sewer reticulation, ranging in size from 300mm – 100mm and 8,196 m of various water reticulation ranging in size from 315mm – 25mm.
  • Roading
    • Construction of all Roads, Kerbs, footpaths, traffic calming measures and Surfacing
  • Landscaping
    • Installation of all Soft landscapes inc. Trees/Shrubs and Hydroseeding and Hard landscape features Including Reserves, Walkways, and an extensive schist Rock Wall
  • Service installation
  • H&S Management
  • Temporary Traffic Management
  • Quality Management

Location: Northlake Subdivision, Wanaka, New Zealand
Client: Winton Partners

Contract Value: $17m over 9 stages

Category: Civil Works


Services provided

  • Civil Works

Civil Construction was highly motivated from the start of the project, implementing a seven day working week in order to achieve construction milestone, a key factor in maintaining production targets and keeping the project on programme. The team remained focused on safety throughout the contract and engaged in effective communication to resolve constructability issues that invariably arise on projects of this magnitude and diversity. The construction crews applied their technical expertise and adopted best industry practice to achieve the desired results.

Kathryn Hughes

Kathryn Hughes

Winton Partners