Glasshouse Demolition - Otago Polytechnic


Category: Demolition

Civil Construction's varied skills were needed in the demolition of a steel portal glasshouse & removal of all waste materials including the concrete slab. Existing concrete pad material was to be used in the construction of the new building slab as well as excavation of the new slab & footings.

Challenges for this jobs included working within 1.5m of an occupied building, high risk of injury from broken glass during the demolition & minimizing the disturbance to neighboring properties.

A scaffold barrier was installed between the glasshouse & the occupied building which prevented any spread of debris. Fine glass particles were managed through constant water suppression. The steel was separated from the glass & the concrete recycled at local scrapyard. The glass was carted to a recycling centre in Christchurch. Concrete Pad was broken down & carted away as hardfill. 

Great challenging job for use of our varied skills.

Location: Ray St, Cromwell

Client: Logic Group

Category: Demolition

Contract Values: $75,000 + GST

Timeframe: Start & Finish - Nov 2019




Services provided

  • Demolition