15 Sherwood Lane


Category: Civil Works

Construct timber crib wall, gabion basket wall, concrete wall and drainage sewer. Additional works were also requested to construct retaining walls, a concrete wall and install a stainless steel grate.

Location: 15 Sherwood Lane, Cashmere
Client: Image Construction Limited
Key Personnel: Gaurav Sharma
Category: Civil
Contract Value: $169,000
Timeframe: July 2015 - Feb 2016

Services provided

  • Civil Works

We were fortunate enough to have Civil Construction closely involved in our earthquake repairs.  Specifically, they replaced one retaining wall, repaired another retaining wall, replaced many of our drains and replaced a drive. These jobs were made more difficult by a steep site and problematic access.

Overall, we were very impressed with the professionalism and strong work ethic of the team. Civil Construction persevered with our repair, despite insurance hold ups that caused them inconvenience.  We greatly appreciated this, as otherwise our return to our home would have been substantially delayed. They seemed undeterred by working outside over three consecutive days of sleet, and I gather that no days were lost on the job through their fault. We were also happy with the high level of input from the team leader, Peter Vaughan.  He seemed to be always on site, either working directly himself or closely monitoring the work of others, to make sure that a high quality job resulted.  In particular, our new retaining wall is a source of pride and beauty.  We assume that it is not usual for people to feel so positive about their retaining walls! Our neighbors have been so impressed with this retaining wall, that I gather that Civil Construction now have contracts to replace retaining walls for at least two of our neighbors.  Our drive behind our house is now able to withstand torrential rain and hail, and drain completely and immediately.  Finally, we were happy to have Civil Construction working on our site.  They were friendly, offered sound advice, communicated well and were considerate towards our neighbors and ourselves.


Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Image Construction Limited