Civil Community

We Are Team Builders

Our community of people are what makes Civil Construction so special. You’re the foundation of our success, the fuel for our growth and we do everything we can to create a supporting, inspiring and safe environment for all.

Our Company culture

Every member of Civil Construction is a valued member of our team. But we don’t just give you a pat on the back, we invest in our workers with training, upskilling and support. We also understand that our people have lives outside of the job and aim to support them in all facets of their world – not just as employees but as a community.

Our Social Club holds regular events alongside company planned ones throughout the year. 

See below some photos from recent events...

Civil Careers Paths

When you join the Civil Construction team, you’re not just starting a new job. You’re starting a career with a community of supportive, skilled and passionate people. We begin by offering every member a training plan, noting career and remuneration progression based on deliverables such as skills, attitude and application.

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