Lakefront Subdivision Retaining Wall


Category: Civil Works

Civil Construction were contracted to complete the construction of the Galvanised UC Column Wall below an operational 5 Star Hotel.

This posed many issues such as access and ensuring the structural integrity of a pre-existing wall above the UC wall that was constructed.


Location: The Rees Hotel, Queenstown
Awards: Winner of 2015 CCNZ Otago Hynds Construction Award & Finalist or 2015 Hirepool National Construction Award
Client: Beechcove Properties
Category: Civil Works

Services provided

  • Civil Works

Civil Construction completed the wall in a timely manner and with great workmanship. Given the wall is going to be visible after completion we were concerned about the visual impact of the wall. Given the high standards the wall was competed to, it has become something of a feature of the subdivision.

Ian Singleton

Ian Singleton

Director, Beech Cove Properties